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Securigera Varia


Securigera Varia

Have you ever tried to create something new. Something that never seems to be consistent, is time consuming and all out fun? Yep. that’s how I feel about cyanotypes. Years ago when I started photography I fell in love with the process of photography. I loved being in the darkroom, developing my own film and images. Having done the process and now not having access to a darkroom I have fallen in love with the processes of making cyanotypes. While they are not completely the same, I still love it! I am still fine tuning how I mix my chemicals, the right daylight time and paper. I am sure there will be many more to add as I am starting out slow and simple. Here is my first try at it.

The Tree That Saved Harold’s life #2


The Tree That Saved Harold's life #2

A while ago I made a post about the tree that saved Harold’s life. I have am always drawn to the mountains and during the different seasons I will always love to go there. I decided to go back to photograph the tree and see what I could photograph differently.

Broken Snowflake


It’s not very often we see snow here in Eastern NC, so when it started snowing I knew right away I wanted to try and capture that perfect snowflake. After reading an article about a Russian Photographer named Andrew Osokin, who captures snowflakes that don’t even look real (although I assure you they really are!!) I have been chomping at the bits to find myself some snow! I bundled up and headed out, my camera wrapped in a grocery bag on the hunt for the perfect snowflake. Well ok, I didn’t really bundle up ha! I ran out there in my pj’s and shoes with no socks and a hoodie! HA! It was not an easy task and I don’t really care that my snow flake was broken, I still think it is pretty. For some reason I just never really truly understood that snowflakes could look so beautiful. In Eastern NC by the time we get enough snow to play in it is just usually this white blobby thing. Well not today buddy! Here is my joyous find!


For the Birds


The other day I got out of my car at home and saw this bird sitting on the branch, it eyed me cautiously and of course I eyed him in the same manner as I walked past it to go inside. He was so calm that I decided to grab my camera and head back out to photograph him. Maybe photographing birds will help me overcome my fear? Maybe.. Only time will tell. So here is the bird.


A New Year


Hello All, I realize that it has been a while since my last post. I have been plugging away at earning my second degree, and fine tuning my craft as a photographer. I have been trying to figure out what I want to do with photography and finding my joy with photography again. This year you may see a more personal side of my postings, not just the portrait post. I hope you enjoy the first post of the season. I took this picture a while back but forgot about it so I thought I would start with it!

Anyone that knows me knows that I am terrified of birds. There is no magic reason.. I just can’t be around them! I freak out, scream, run, basically do any thing I can to avoid them! I headed to Lake Laupas to mentor a high school student and tried my best to conquer my fear! I am right proud of myself (not because I took the photo) because I didn’t run away screaming when they came close! Here is what I got!